About me

I'm a big fan of making things, but I'm better at breaking them. My professional background is mathematics and analytics, and by day I'm a data science consultant.

My current areas of focus are practicing more ethical styles of interpersonal relationships, and testing out mindful approaches to personal tech.


HD-DN is my personal website, and my main online presence. I was inspired by seeing James Clear's book summaries and Hundred Rabbits' beautiful website.

This site is built with a static site generator I wrote in Python as a personal project, which I call ilo lipu. It's based off of cite, the original build tool for this site that I wrote in C.

This site is all hand-written HTML. I don't use JS, and I don't use trackers. It is hosted on Github Pages, who I assume do some tracking. I don't exert copyright on anything I create for this site.


The font is a self-hosted copy of Atkinson Hyperlegible.


If you find an issue with the website please raise a ticket on Github. I'm not currently focused on optimising the page for mobile devices, so if you raise a display issue on mobile it might take some time for me to get to it.

Feel free to email me at hannah@hd-dn.com about anything, big or small. My DMs are also open on Mastodon (be pleasant).