Updating HD-DN

I've moved over from a Github pages instance to hosting on a VM. Everything is being served by a go server that I've written.

As part of that workflow, I "borrowed" some ideas from j3s and set up a cronjob to check for any updates on git.

And since I've been having server problems today and had to rebuild everything (RIP my FreshRSS instance) I'll just dump this here.

Big site update post incoming, this for now though.

# Script to autoupdate website based on git repo status

# Set some environment variables. We need these for cron
XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/$(id -u)

# Go to the working directory and check for updates
cd /home/hd-dn/hd-dn
git fetch origin
if git status | grep -q behind; then
  git merge origin/mom
  systemctl --user restart hd-dn.service